Dr Nettie Maria Stevens

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Dr Nettie Maria Stevens

Dr Nettie Maria Stevens

Discovery of the chromosomal XY sex-determination system

Born July 7th, 1861

American Geneticist

Early Life and Education

Nettie Maria Stevens was born July 7, 1861, in Cavendish, Vermont. She was an early American geneticist who is known for XY sex-determination system.


1- Induction of Nettie Stevens into the National Women´s Hall of Fame.

In 1994, Nettie Maria Stevens, has been inducted into the National Women´s Hall of Fame for her contribution to science.

2- Google Doodle

On the 7th of July 2016, Google has honored Nettie Stevens for her 155th birthday by this doodle.

Scientific publications about Nettie Stevens

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